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Room thermostat: Definition, operation, and use


What’s this?

Your thermostat is a single device, to control the temperature of your whole house. And once we used Mercury models, this time is far away.

Now being electronic and connected, modern thermostats have gained in precision and efficiency, particularly with temperature sensors (thermistors).

Thus, it has become normal for a thermostat to get to know the house it occupies and taking into account its size and insulation to heat effectively.

According to specific time slots, Thermostat adds to that the ease of programming its own, and your home is gaining independence.

lux touch screen thermostat

lux touch screen thermostat

What’s the point?


Through its dedicated application, you have a clear interface and more intuitive than the thermostat itself. This allows you to control more easily. The smartphone is drastically changing the way to use the device, since, in addition to its capacity, it has the features offered by your phone.  Geo-location, remote control or sharing access thus become possible and offer more near your thermostat even when you are away.

How to choose a connected thermostat?

Since there are several models of thermostat connected on the market, it is possible to make the choice according to your budget. For those with modest means, they can opt for models certainly not only very sophisticated but also the function. In all cases, we must also count the cost of the installation if we call in the professionals. This varies from a few euros to a few hundred euros according to the company. You can get the best programmable thermostat here.

But you can also prefer simple or sophisticated versions

Some models are equipped with thermal sensors and presence sensors. They can record the habits, preferences of users and thus adjust their heating program accordingly. There are also models that are connected to a weather station.

thermostat 2

Some functions of some types of connected thermostat allow them to take into account the insulation of buildings as well as the outside temperature to anticipate the onset of heating. It can detect the arrival of a person in the house and act after that.

Ecology and stingy, you can also choose those that allow you to achieve energy and cost savings. Like any “central control system of the room thermostat for heating installations”, some connected thermostats allow you to enjoy the new tax credit energy transition. They then allow reservoir 30% of the final bill. However, these models can only be installed by professionals. They must also be in the main housing of the owner which was built at least 2 years ago.

Each model has its strengths and its characteristics. Some only control the air conditioning and sense the temperature and humidity, while others have more sophisticated features such as energy-saving programming or sharing control with guests.

And like all other connected devices, manufacturers of connected thermostats come from the 4 corners of the world. Indeed, there are of European origin brands, Asian or American. The buyer can then highlight a product of the brand that manufactures it. Among the best known of the market, there is the French brand Qivivo, the German brand Todo and the American brand Nest.

And finally the installation

thermostat 3

The user can install many of these devices, but not everyone is made for. The “Easy Install” mention is a subjective indicator, which takes into account the manufacturer intends to make the facility accessible and the presence of practical tutorials that can allow you to mount your thermostat without special knowledge.

However, keep in mind that if you do not feel particularly handy, it is always the best to call in a professional. In some cases (the connected thermostat Dolcevita GDF Suez for example), you will not even have to make a choice since the installation by a third party is included in the price.

Where to buy thermostat connected?

Most of the connected thermostats are available from the usual vendors connected objects. Stores, specialty stores, etc. are the ideal places to find one that meets the most your particular needs. But there are also online shopping sites that offer.

Ideally, then, you should take a look at the comparisons primarily on the quality level and then the price level before choosing one. To do this, it must be based on the different characteristics of the product and deduct one that responds most to your expectations.


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