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How to Choose a Laser Printer for Your Small Business


Laser printers can offer an excellent solution to the printing needs of any small business or enterprise. There are lots of kinds of laser printers in the marketplace these days. You’ll be able to pick from a simple black and white laser printer or a laser multifunction printer that can accomplish a huge number of diverse tasks. Mainly because you will find a lot of printers to choose from, selecting the appropriate one for the small organization could be extremely challenging.

Laser Printer

However, you will discover a few guidelines that you could follow to make the job much easier for you. You will find three varieties of laser printers that you can buy. You could either pick to between a personal printers, workgroup printers or departmental printers. Since you’re trying to find a printer for your small business, it’s safe to choose personal printers.

Different types of Laser Printer have distinct capabilities. You’ll have to strike a balance between capacity, expandability, printing speed and your budget. You’ll also ought to take into consideration duty cycle and sheet capacity. Duty cycle is a way of determining how many pages your printer can give you in a month. Once you know the duty cycle of a particular printer, try not to exceed the given amount.

In the event you print too a lot of pages, you could risk damaging your printer and decrease its effective lifespan. If your business has modest printing requirements, a workgroup laser printer will suffice. These printers usually have support for local area network connections. These printers also can deal with a workload of 16 to 30 monochrome pages each and every minute. In the case that you require printing photographic images for the small business, then you are able to also pay for a color laser printer. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that color laser printers can only manage 3 to 7 pages per minute for colored images.

If your business requires a lot more robust type of printer, then you ought to take into account buying a departmental laser printer. These printers are ideal if you have 15 or more employees. Just like workgroup printers, departmental printers can also be connected to a local network. These printers are also much more powerful and versatile compared to workgroup printers and personal printers. In reality, some departmental printers can handle up to 65 pages per minute. These printers also can print on both sides of a page. To make things simple, departmental printers also come with built-in hard drives that can be utilized to store fonts and security codes.


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