How to check thermostat compatibility with your HVAC system

For anybody scanning this web page that believes they’re going to acquire some truly specialized home elevators HVAC system as well as their own compatibility along with numerous thermostats, I’m sorry in order to dissatisfy you. I don’t function with this business, as well as I definitely don’t possess the kind of understanding the technician will.

thermostat compatibility with HVAC system

How to check:

The thing is I believed it might be simple to find the type of thermostat to match my personal requirements and also the requirements associated with my personal HVAC program, nevertheless it occurs which one thing you need to do is examine which kind of heating system or even air conditioning you possess within your house. It is checked the following ways:

  • This might just about all seem really complex however as soon as you understand which kind of program you possess presently there are just 3 various thermostats to select from.
  • Low voltage techniques are the most typical techniques these days in support of need a 24v power. The majority of thermostats will use this technique.
  • Direct collection or even higher voltage techniques make use of a 110v in order to 240v energy supply.
  • These types of are usually baseboards along with other electrical heating system techniques plus they need unique interest whenever buying thermostat.
  • Exactly what you also need to keep in mind is which in certain old houses; immediate collection voltage is additionally accustomed to energy the actual thermostat.
  • Once again you may be considering presently there is “no gentle at the conclusion from the tunnel” however if you understand some of the fundamental conditions you’re most likely to encounter, this won’t be which hard to find out which sort associated with thermostat you require.
  • A person will most likely run into the actual conditions “one stage” as well as two stage” frequently, however simply to assist you just a little additional I’ve additional the info beneath.
  • Stage one heat as well as cool indicates you possess models which function possibly from complete capability or even never, it’s as an on/off change.
  • Stage two indicates your program is effective at cooling and heating upon each reduced as well as higher rates of speed.
  • Presently there are methods you can examine exactly what each the kind of program you possess as well as the number of phases this is, however this particular generally entails looking within your present thermostat.
  • This particular will provide you the info you require however because this particular will additionally include you suffering an electrical supply in order to your program, if you’re unsure a good thing to complete is request the technician to assist.


If you actually have a minimal voltage program, you can make use of the majority of from the techniques I possess examined upon my personal website. A few types of programmable thermostats available on the market will just use 1 as well as two stage heating system and something stage air conditioning, however the producer generally says this particular within their explanation.

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